Hello 2021

Well, hasn’t 2021 started off well? COVID is still around, US politics is still in the limelight, and we are all still writing. Nevertheless, welcome back to another year! It will be a different year for our blog, but change is good.

Some Tips to Prepare Your Year

Now is a great time to revisit some of our posts from last year about organising and preparing your workflow and writing habits. Here are a few curated posts that I think are particularly worth revisiting:

Planning your semester

Planning your academic year

Advice for one month into your PhD

Pandemics: Productivity or self-care?

I hate my thesis

Academic Writing Hacks Part 1: Setting up good writing habits

Academic Writing Hacks Part 2: Batching your tasks and conquering your schedule

Overworked then underworked then overworked – The Academic Rollercoaster

Dealing with multiple spinning plates

The Future for PhD and Beyond

This year we are moving to fortnightly rather than weekly posts. We will be looking at tips for publishing, managing authorship, developing research programs vs individual research projects, resources for fast-tracking or managing your research, and more! As you can see our focus is shifting a little away from the problems in transitioning from student life to academic life and focussing more on the struggles and strategies faced in research. We would also love our community to get involved, so please jump into the comments sections of our posts and share your experiences! For this post, I would love to see your goals for 2021 – What do you want to accomplish by the end of this year?

~ Chris

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