Publications: Writing for journal specifications

I saw this on twitter and realised what a brilliant idea this was.

I realised that there are particular types of journals that I’m more likely to target regularly than others and it would be a good idea to start summarising the important little details to have them accessible. So I fired up my Notion (I’ll talk more about this in a later post) and started a table. I created columns for:

  • Journal name
  • Paper type
  • Word limit
  • Abstract word limit
  • The number of key words allowed
  • Notes (such as the word limit includes or excludes the references and other little quirks)
  • A link to the author guide for that journal
  • The impact factor of that journal

See a blurry screenshot of my table here:

I only created this about a month ago but I’m amazed at how much I’ve already been referencing this table and been adding to it.

So this was just a short post to advertise this idea. Hopefully you find it as helpful as I did. Do you do something similar? How can I improve this even more?

– Alessa

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