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Alessa Teunisse

Alessa’s first degree was a Bachelor of Media (with a first class honours). After a foray in the “real world” she decided to return to academia to re-train in a different field. Since returning to university, she has completed a Bachelor of Psychology (with a first class honours and also earning the Vice Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence), a Master of Research (Psychology), and she has just been awarded her PhD without revisions. Her research focuses on the psychology of gullibility (straddling personality, social, and social-cognitive psychology). She has published her work on a self-report Gullibility Scale (click here for Alessa’s google scholar profile) and plans to expand her research into the field victimisation in general (e.g., what makes a person target of a psychopath?) in order to create interventions. She has previously tutored in personality psychology, social psychology, the psychology of human relationships, and in general introductory courses. She has given lectures on cognitive biases and heuristics, the effect of the internet on relationships, and personality and relationships, as well as assisted in the coordination of a second-year social and personality psychology unit.

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Chris Kilby

Chris is a first class Honours student, he received the University Medal for his Master of Research and his PhD was awarded without revisions. Chris’ research focuses on understanding the role of stress beliefs in the subjective stress response (why/how/if do stress beliefs lead to differences between people’s experience of stress). Chris has also been involved in research looking at decisional conflict, body image, self-compassion, and hope in women with breast cancer and more (click here for Chris’ google scholar profile). Chris has previously tutored in statistics, health psychology, and personality, has had lecturing experience in statistics and health psychology, and co-convened the honours level health psychology course at Macquarie University in 2019. Chris also provides assistance to the International Society of Behavioral Medicine and is part of the Executive Committee for the Australasian Society of Behavioural Health and Medicine.

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