Statistify yourself! The advantages of learning multiple statistics software

We are taught our institutes chosen software Generally, institutions will choose a single statistical package (be it SPSS, SAS, Stata, R, JASP, Jamovi, etc) and only teach that one package to students across all of their statistics subjects. This makes sense from a learning and teaching point of view. However, what happens when you areContinue reading “Statistify yourself! The advantages of learning multiple statistics software”

Rejection, Rejection Everywhere – Part 4 of 4: Being the Rejector

The Other End of the Stick Throughout this mini-series on rejection, I have shared my thoughts and experiences on receiving rejection, developing resiliency in receiving rejection, and harnessing rejection for self-improvement.Today I want to close this series by talking about being on the other end of the stick – being the rejector. Does My RejectorContinue reading “Rejection, Rejection Everywhere – Part 4 of 4: Being the Rejector”

Rejection, Rejection Everywhere – Part 3 of 4: Using Rejection to Improve Yourself

The Story So Far Rejection hurts, and we all experience it. But it is possible to minimise the hurt with a few clever Jedi mind tricks. But today I want to talk about leveraging rejection as a source of self-improvement. We touched on some of these ideas in resiliency in rejection, but let’s talk moreContinue reading “Rejection, Rejection Everywhere – Part 3 of 4: Using Rejection to Improve Yourself”

Rejection, Rejection Everywhere – Part 2 of 4: Resiliency in Rejection

Recap and Setting the Scene We all experience rejection in academia. It comes in many forms, be it actual rejection (desk rejection of journal articles) or self-perceived rejection (like that horrible feeling you get when you see all the red comments from someone on a piece of your work). Rejection hurts. But, there are someContinue reading “Rejection, Rejection Everywhere – Part 2 of 4: Resiliency in Rejection”

Rejection, Rejection Everywhere – Part 1 of 4: Rejection hurts everyone

Rejection hurts, but it happens to everyone The scene: You submit a year’s worth of work as an article to a journal. You wait anxiously for a few weeks or months. Then the decision letter comes in. The adrenaline is high, the anticipation almost unbearable. You open the letter and… “We regret to inform you”Continue reading “Rejection, Rejection Everywhere – Part 1 of 4: Rejection hurts everyone”

The First Time I Lectured

The prep was crazy So, I was asked to cover for a lecturer. I knew the content back to front and was a confident speaker. I could do this. Then it hit me “but the references needed updating”, “but there were a few minor bugs in the slides”, “but I want to have my ownContinue reading “The First Time I Lectured”

Identifying Employment Opportunities in Academia

Academic hiring is changing As I neared the end of my PhD I was provided with the opportunity to talk to someone in academia over coffee about how I find jobs in academia. I was told to look at newspapers as they often have an academic job listing. Unfortunately, as I found out, this isContinue reading “Identifying Employment Opportunities in Academia”

The Silver Platter of Work Experience: The Power of Word of Mouth

The phrase “to be offered on a silver platter” means to have something offered to you, often in a way that is very easy to acquire. Much of my work experience was offered on a silver platter. Employers and clients came to me requesting my time. I now have a rather eclectic range of work experience. So how did I manage this?